A photo of Marisa Healy jumping a horse

My (Short) Story

My name is Marisa Healy and I am a Southern Connecticut-based digital marketing professional focused on creating products designed to give the user the best possible experience.

I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Digital Services at the University of New Haven, where I get to primarily focus on attracting new students to the University. Marketing to college students is positive, refreshing, and just plain fun.

In previous roles I worked in the healthcare industry, most recently for a major Connecticut hospital. Healthcare is both exciting and fast-paced, which I loved. Especially working right in the center of it all, surrounded by the hubbub of physicians, nurses and patients.

Five people pose in an operating room
Me (center) acting as a patient in an OR photo shoot. Photo by Keyvan Behpour.

My passion in all of this is website design, specifically IA and UX. I believe that a good website needs to constantly evolve to suit the user’s needs and expectations. At both the university and the hospital, I helped facilitate two complete redesigns of flagship websites. These projects allowed me to leverage my skill set and excel in user experience design, as well as vendor and client relations.

I believe staying relevant is crucial to being able to provide the best possible product and I continuously educate myself on industry trends and new technology. Recently obtaining my master’s degree in Interactive Media from QU was an incredible learning experience and provided me with a new set of skills to bring to the table. 

You may notice that my B.S. is in Animal Science. Before I transitioned to a career in the marketing industry, I trained and taught horseback riding full-time. I ran multiple programs for children and adults, supervised assistant instructors and barn staff, and learned a great deal about running a small business, especially how to work with clients. Although I ultimately pursued a more traditional career path, I have two horses that I train regularly and I compete in my spare time.