Capstone Project:

Quinnipiac University: M.S. in Interactive Media, August 2016


Combining both my love for horses and my marketing interests I decided to create an equestrian website as my capstone project. Because the market is already flooded with general equestrian information, I decided to dedicate the website to a specific group that has limited informational resources available. This group is the parents of children who ride horses. I have built up a lot of knowledge through years of teaching and training their children, but they themselves are rarely marketed to.

Parents of children and teenagers who ride have to make many decisions about their child’s path in the equestrian world. They often have to rely on what their trainer recommends and there are no resources for them to make educated decisions. There are thousands of websites, books, videos, etc. that are directed towards riders themselves, but there is nothing out there for the parents. I also feel that developing a community of parents that can chat and share stories would be beneficial for their education.

My capstone project is a website designed to better educate and help the parents of children and teenagers who take horseback riding lessons. is a website full of articles, images and user generated content directed toward the parents of children and teenagers who ride, riders themselves and their instructors. These groups will be able to learn about the equestrian lifestyle from a non-biased source as well as from others going through the same situations. Five social media channels also support this community.

Project Plan

Branding Guidelines

Site Map

Social Media Product Launch

Social Media Policy

Community Management Strategy

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